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How To Kill Writer's Block and 
Trigger Instant Flow States
Have You Ever Struggled With Writer’s Block?

You have? Congratulations! You’re a human being. 

Now let's take a quick quiz...

Which of the following do you think holds the secret to triggering instant flow states?

A. A treasure chest.
B. An envelope.
C. A balloon

Pick your answer. Got it? Good. I'll come back to it in just a minute...

First I want to talk about the stupid simple trick I discovered that’s allowed me to trigger writing flow states at will. And I’ll show you how to do it as well.

It uses a combination of advanced neuroscience principles, ancient Eastern energy practices, and a plain old set of headphones to make writer’s block a thing of the past. 

I’m going to make this sound as “un-hypey” as possible…but…

If you can sit on chair and put in headphones then this will work for you. It's that simple.

Yes, with a little guidance and a set of headphones you can eliminate writer’s block once and for all.

Anyone who’s ever sat down to write has experienced the dreaded blank page. Or worse, the terrorist-esque blinking cursor. 

Whether you use Word, Texteditor, a typewriter, or plain old fashioned pen and paper you’ve sat down and said to yourself “what the fuck am I going to write today?”

What should the first sentence be?

What’s the perfect word for paragraph 3, sentence 2, word 8? 

What’s the point of writing anyway? It’d be less torture to go get a job at Starbucks. Then I could live the coffee shop lifestyle…just without the money or freedom of writing for a living. 

If you're tired of all that bollocks then you're gonna love my new training. I'll reveal exactly how to kill writer's block and trigger instant flow states. 

Plus, I'll answer the quiz questions I asked at the start ;) 

If you're ready to take action then I recommend you do it now.

You'll also receive a 2,000 word doc on the basics of this method right when you buy. And I'll be including some supplementary material delivered through email.

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P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was...I'm sharing my proven 
Flow Activation Sequence that allows you to write 2,000 words an hour effortlessly. 
I've never shared it before. And probably won't again..  
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