Could These Unusual Subject Line Formulas 
Triple Your Email Revenue?
Why You Should Focus On Subject Lines more Than Anything Else
The ultimate goal of your email marketing should be to make the subject line obsolete. 

That means people open your emails just because of the from name. They like you and trust you so much that they can’t help but open damn near everything you send.

But it's a Catch 22…

If you don’t know how to write awesome subject lines then no one is going to open your emails in the first place. Which means you won’t be able to build a relationship with them. 

Read that again. You must write great subject lines to make your subject lines obsolete. 

That’s why you need to make sure you’re sending the absolute best subject lines possible from Day 1. Which is why I'm gonna give you my #1 welcome email subject line. This is THE most important email you send and if you get the subject line wrong you could lose your customer forever. 
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Here's what you're gonna get.
These 71 'done for you' subject lines will show you...
  •  The one subject line that gets more sales than any other type. (Even if it gets lower open rates.)
  •  How to use your “from name” to get the highest open rates you’ve ever seen. (I know that’s a bold claim, but I’ve done this over and over again with insane results in all sorts of niches.) 
  •  The unusual subject line that makes it basically impossible for people not to open your emails.
  •  How to leverage currents events to double your sales. (I do this every year during the super bowl and it continues to blow my mind how much money we make.)
  •  Plus a whole bunch more awesome stuff.
Could you do all this on your own? Maybe. 
It's possible but I doubt it...
I've taken everything I've ever learned about subject lines and created formulas for the 71 best types. 

You could do what I did and get access to a list of over a million subscribers, send them hundreds of emails for 18 months, test up to 8 variations every email, pour over the test results for hours on end, and distill what you've learned into a set of principles, structures, and formulas that anyone can use to create money-making emails.

OR you can get millions of dollars worth of testing for the price of drink at a bar.
WARNING: I randomly decide to pull down certain offers...which means this could genuinely be the last time you or anyone else sees this opportunity. 
My unusual guarantee...
Here's my guarantee: I'm not offering a least not in the "traditional" sense. I don't believe in them. A guarantee gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want. It allows you to give up on something that you want to achieve.

Not having guarantee means you have to "burn the ships" so to speak. You MUST take action because there is no other option.

That being said, here's what I AM offering. If you actually TRY the subject lines and aren't happy with the results, just show me what you've done and I'll GLADLY refund you every penny. 

I haven't had a single refund yet. 

I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know how it easy to just refund something because you're too scared to actually take action. And I offer that guarantee because I KNOW these subject lines work.
Who is Ian Stanley?
Ian is one of the highest paid copywriters and conversion experts online. Clients regularly pay him $1500 per email plus a bonus...or $25k upfront plus backend for sales letters and videos.
Ian grew up playing tennis in California and England. He won a national championship in college and then turned his interests to entrepreneurship.

He has sold over $100,000,000 worth of products online over the past few years and is considered to be one of the best copywriters in the world. He started his first business at he age of 12 stringing tennis rackets. He recently sold an ecommerce company to the fastest growing start up in Canada.
What People Are Saying aBout IAn:
So I buy them and I don't open them obviously. Cuz, you know. Then I am under the gun and I have to get some copy out for a product we have on Amazon. They needed it in 40 minutes. Fuck. I remembered the templates. Grabbed one and just started filling in the holes. Ported it into MailChimp and hit SEND.

48 hours later had over $80k in sales. Holy fuck. The struggling comic is a fucking genius. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, sent another email on another campaign with another of Ian's templates, and the conversion was 3x our already healthy conversion was. 

I'm a believer. Ian knows his shit. Buy his shit. Rock your shit.
- Jerry W
My gut told me The Unit was going to be different and I’m glad I listened. I had a handful of massive breakthroughs from ONE call with Ian. 

On top of that, I made my YEARLY investment back within the first 2 weeks!

There’s no doubt I’ll make back 10x in this year alone... If you’re not in The Unit, you’re missing out.”

- Joey P
Dammit Ian.

What the hell?

I'm not saying this to prop your self esteem up or butter you up or any other bizarre twisted intention most people saying things through.

I'm half way reading your sale letter for the workshop.

Forget gripped. Forget "grabbed my attention". Forget "moved me".

I felt like you reached into my soul and we're talking heart to heart. Ans your story will stay with me for a lifetime. So much to learn from that story alone.

This is more than copy. More than a story. That was pure connection man.

- Daniel S
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