So What Does This Epic Training Cost?
Let's get something straight. This training doesn't "cost" anything.

It's an investment. An investment in yourself and your bank account. 

Now I don't want to run you through some corny Price Anchoring and Price Reveal bullshit...

But I will ask you a couple quick questions...

How much would it be worth to you to be able to write two, three, or even five times faster than you do now?

How much more work would you get done if you could churn out 2,000 words an hour every time you sit down at the keyboard?

How much more time would you have for other aspects of your business? Or for fun things like skydiving or dancing on tabletops? (Just me?)

Seriously though, what's that worth to you? Thousands of dollars over the next year? Tens of thousands? Millions? BILLIONS?

I know these flow state and writer's block tricks have added quite a few zeros to my bank account. And a lot more zeros to the people I've written for. 

But it's not just about the quantity of words you put out. It's about the quality of those words. 

This allows you to write instantly...and write WELL. 

I've only revealed these techniques to my personal coaching clients who pay me 4 figures a month. But you don't have to pay 4 figures for it. 

For this first time training it's just $97. If I release the recording at a later time it'll likely be for $197. Don't dilly dally. Don't delay. Be an implementer.

I'll also be offering my usual guarantee. If you actually go through the training and USE the material...and don't think it's the best Writer's Block training you've ever been through...I'll give you your money back. (I'm yet to get a refund on any of my products because they work IF you use them.)

You've got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. If you don't love it just send me an email telling me why it didn't work for you and I'll get your money back instantly.

It's not a "no questions asked" guarantee. But it's a guarantee. 

Now let's have some fun and make some more of the green stuff. 

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Ironclad Guarantee

If you follow through on the exercises and don't feel like your email copy skills have improved dramatically, get your money back instantly. 

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